Mini Tractor - ARMAVIR-2011

Mini Tractor  - ARMAVIR-2011

Model - ARMAVIR-2011

Mini tractor «ARMAVIR-2011», a multifunctional universal machine that gives little lands to agricultural, municipal and utility associated with a variety of activities, such as the development of soft soil run, plowing, loosening potatoes and beets intercropping processing, mining fertilizer to feed, hay, harvest, cleaning of streets and areas with snow and garbage, pits and trench filling. Mini-tractor can also be used for the transport of goods, as well as in aggregates applied through various activities. Armavir-2011 variation is ideal for farms, residential land, livestock farms, greenhouses, gardens, orchards, parks, school areas for use.

Rated Speed, km/h
a) Forward
1. Minimum
2. Maximum
b) Reverse
1. Minimum
2. Maximum
Engine ModelGX390 “Honda”
Fuel consumption during normal operation in grams per hour313
Rated Engine power kW (hp)9,6 (13)
FuelPetrol A-92
Number of gears
- Forward
- Reverse
Tractor weight (with Oil), kg515
Turning Radius, m2,5
Distance between the axies of the front and rear wheels, mm1030 + 2
Overall dimensions, mm
- Length, mm
- Width, mm
- Width, mm
2500 + 50
1000 + 50
2000 + 50