Armavir Machine-Tool Construction Factory Presents Its Mini-Tractor to the Economy Minister

The machine-tool construction factory of Armavir presented today its innovation to RA Economy Minister Tigran Davtyan.

The factory produced a multi-functional mini-tractor, which, according to Andranik Sargsyan, company CEO, will be in demand in the market. Tigran Davtyan got acquainted with the working capacity of the mini-tractor and said state support in the establishment of the production is quite possible.

"We should develop this idea, lead the production to a sufficient technological level," the minister stated at a briefing. Tigran Davtyan says Armavir Marz is mainly known as an area with agricultural potential, "however, as we see, there is some industry as well".

As of June 1, 2011 the company՝s production volume makes 31.6 million AMD and it has recorded a growth tempo of 67% against the same period of 2010.