In the fruited Ararat valley, at the foot of mount Aragats, lies Armavir (former Hoktemberyan) from where you can see the wonderful view of Biblical mount Ararat. «Armavir Machine - Tool Factory» OJSC is near «Armavir» railway station. There is also a highway of great importance.

The factory was founded at 1938 and produced radial drilling machines. During its existence it produced tens of models machines and it exceeded the number of machines more than thousand yearly. 25-30% of those produced machines exported to more than 40 countries of the world. At present the factory produces:

  1. Radial drilling machine with an elevating rotary, model 2532L.
  2. Radial drilling machine portable, model 2532L AS.
  3. Vertical drilling machine with diameter of drilling up to 50 mm, model 2A150.
  4. Desktop vertical drilling machine, model 2G125.
  5. Desktop vertical drilling milling machine, model 2G125FL.

The factory is also specialized in producing casts with melting models black and colourful metals 5kg, and wide consumption goods.

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  • Armenia 0901, Armavir region, Armavir 23/5
  • Tel: +374-237-23219, Fax: +374-237-23219
  • armhastoc@armavir.am
  • www.machine.am